Posted 22 Dec 2022 , 09:56

5 Reasons You Should Switch To Zoho Books

Switch to Zoho Books

Want to Switch to Zoho books? But before that let me tell you as per the survey of Gartner, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Management market is growing at 18% per year. Why Indian business owners are opting to switch to cloud accounting rather than following traditional methods of accounting? Cloud accounting software provides quick solutions at lower monthly costs. It helps them to keep track of financial data and also to keep up with the competition in the market as it is easily comparable.

Here are the benefits of cloud accounting software

  • Unlike old-school desktop softwares, cloud accounting softwares are easily accessible from anywhere.
  • This softwares provide a tax compliance facility by applicable state and country rules. Hence, it is easy for business owners to generate report and forms and to file it from software to avoid any penalty.
  • Some may have concerns regarding storing data on the cloud. But they provide multiple levels of security with advanced encryption and access control also backup is automated hence, there is no risk of losing financial data.

There are many cloud accounting software like Xero, Zip books, and Profit books then why one should switch to Zoho Books?

Here are the top five reasons why one should switch to Zoho Books

  1. Easy to use
  2. Accessible from anywhere
  3. Affordable
  4. Automation and integration
  5. Comprehensive features

Cost of Zoho Books
Zoho books pricing

  • Easy to use: Zoho Books is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use, even if you don’t have an accounting background. The software offers step-by-step guides and tutorials to help you get started, and the navigation is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Because Zoho Books is cloud-based, you can access your financial data from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can manage your finances on the go, whether you’re in the office, at home, or Traveling.
  • Affordable: Zoho Books offers competitive pricing plans that are tailored to the needs of small businesses. The software is available in multiple pricing tiers, so you can choose the plan that’s right for your business and budget.
  • Automation and integration: Zoho Books offers a range of automation and integration features that can save you time and effort. For example, you can automate tasks such as invoicing, payment reminders, and recurring transactions, and the software can be integrated with other Zoho apps and third-party tools such as PayPal, Google Drive, and QuickBooks.
  • Comprehensive features: In addition to standard accounting features such as invoicing and expense tracking, Zoho Books offers a range of advanced features such as project management, inventory management, and online payments. This makes it a versatile and comprehensive solution for small businesses

In conclusion, Zoho Books is a reliable and user-friendly accounting software that offers a range of benefits for small businesses. Its easy-to-use interface, accessibility, affordability, automation and integration capabilities and comprehensive features make it a great choice for managing your finances.

Nimblefincorp is an accounting firm that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses streamline their financial processes and operations using the Zoho Books platform.

Nimblefincorp’s team of financial experts can help businesses get set up with Zoho Books, customize it to meet their specific needs, and provide ongoing support and training to ensure that their team is able to effectively utilize the platform.

Some of the ways that Nimblefincorp can help businesses switch to Zoho Books include:

  • Setting up the software and importing financial data from existing systems
  • Customizing invoices, estimates, and other financial documents to match the business’s branding and style
  • Integrating Zoho Books with other tools and systems, such as CRM and e-commerce platforms
  • Providing training and support to ensure that the business’s team is able to effectively use the software
  • Assisting with financial reporting and analysis to help the business make informed decisions
  • Overall, Nimblefincorp can help businesses streamline their financial operations and make better use of the Zoho Books platform, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.