What is E-invoice?

An e-invoice, also known as an electronic invoice, is a digital version of a traditional paper invoice that is sent and received electronically.

The electronic exchange of invoices, credit notes, and debit notes between buyer and supplier is known as an electronic invoice (E-invoice).

E-invoicing saves time because invoices are generated by software, and the approval cycle for invoices is simplified when compared to the traditional invoice method. Data is not entered manually in the software, so human errors are reduced.

Because of the high accuracy of e-invoicing, this will allow for greater transparency. Because there are no errors in the e-invoices, communication between buyers and vendors will be improved, and time will be saved in the process.

Did you know?

E-invoicing can help you understand where your business is going, as tracking will become easier. Are you thinking about shifting from traditional to electronic invoicing? We will be glad to help you choose the right software. You can even get free consulting. Try it out today.

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