XD (ex-dividend)

What is XD (ex-dividend)?

An XD (ex-dividend) stock is one that trades without the value of the next dividend payment.

The symbol XD indicates that a security is trading ex-dividend. XD (ex-dividend) is an alphabetic qualifier that serves as shorthand in a stock quote to inform investors about important information about a specific security.

When the symbol X is used alone, it indicates that the stock is trading ex-dividend.

Because different news and market data services that provide stock quotes use different qualifiers, qualifiers can vary depending on where the stock is quoted. These symbol letters may appear on a broker’s trading platform, in a charting program, or in a timely published report.

When a stock trades ex-dividend, it means that the current stockholder has received a recent dividend payment, and anyone who buys the stock will not receive the dividend. As a result, the stock price is likely to fall.

There are several qualifiers related to dividends. For example, -j as a suffix indicates that the stock paid a dividend earlier in the year but no longer does.