Lawyers and Law Firms

Nimblefincorp provides exceptional bookkeeping for lawyers and law firms. With a team of experienced professionals, they can accurately record and categorize financial transactions, prepare and file tax forms, and provide financial statement preparation and review. These services ensure that lawyers have an up-to-date record of their finances and remain compliant with tax laws and regulations.

Moreover, Nimblefincorp also offers crucial services such as time tracking, trust accounting, and client billing, which are essential for lawyers to manage their practice efficiently. The firm is also capable of providing support in case of an audit, representing their clients and ensuring that they are fully prepared to respond to any questions or requests from tax authorities.

Nimblefincorp’s Bookkeeping for Lawyers provides detailed financial reports, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports offer lawyers an overview of their practice’s performance and help them make informed decisions about where to invest their resources.

Overall, Nimblefincorp’s bookkeeping services for law firms and lawyers are tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing a lawyer’s business. Their specialized expertise and guidance ensure that their clients’ finances are accurately managed, giving lawyers more time to focus on growing their practice.

Bookkeeping for lawyers and law firms

What we can do for you

Time tracking and billing

Recording and managing billable hours, providing training on time tracking systems, and preparing invoices for clients through our bookkeeping services for law firms

Trust accounting

Setting up trust accounts, tracking trust account transactions and preparing trust account reconciliations to ensure compliance with professional regulations and ethical rules for managing client funds

Financial reporting

Preparing and providing detailed financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, that show the overall performance of the practice and help inform business decisions

Tax compliance

Provide guidance and assist in the compliance of local tax laws and regulations, provide consult on tax deductions and credits that can be claimed, and provide support for multi-jurisdiction tax compliance

Auditing Support

Provide support in case of an audit, representing clients and ensuring they are fully prepared to respond to any questions or requests from tax authorities

General Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping for Lawyers include recording and categorizing financial transactions, preparing and filing tax forms, and providing financial statement preparation and review to keep accurate and up-to-date record of finances and help in staying compliant with tax laws and regulations

Business Structure and registration

Provide advice on business structure and registration

Payroll and Employee benefits

Prepare and file payroll tax returns and assist in setting up employee benefit plans

Business Valuation

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services to law firms, including business valuation services.

Business Consulting

Provide advice and consultation on business strategy, growth, and expansion to the ones who avail our bookkeeping services for Law firms.

Who we help

Legal Practitioners

Comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to legal practitioners, including financial analysis, tax compliance, and cash flow management.

Patent Attorneys

Patent attorneys can benefit from our accounting firm's expertise in managing your finances, including invoicing, time tracking, and tax compliance.

Public Defenders

Public defenders can rely on our accounting firm for accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting that helps you manage your expenses and maximize their budget.

Legal Aid Societies

Financial management services to legal aid societies, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting that ensures you can continue to provide excellent services to your clients.

Legal Clinics

Legal clinics can trust us to manage your finances, including revenue analysis, cost control, and tax compliance that helps you maximize their budget.


Benefit from our accounting firm's services, including financial analysis, payroll management, and tax compliance that helps you focus on providing excellent service to your clients.

Notary Publics

Notary publics can rely on our services for accurate financial reporting, cost analysis, and tax compliance that helps you manage your finances and improve their profitability.

Mediators and Arbitrators

Mediators and arbitrators can trust us to manage your finances, including cash flow management, revenue analysis, and tax compliance that helps you maximize profitability.

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